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Spinal Disc Herniation

Surgical treatment can alleviate or completely end the pain of patients more quickly and more reliably. It is thought to improve nervous healing in patients with losses due to pressure on nerves.

Herniated discs are very prevalent today and it is a condition rising from a rupture at the side of a disc joint between vertebrae, and the disc contents pressing in towards the spinal canal and pressuring the nerves going down to the legs, and sometimes to the spinal cord itself.


Although not entirely known, it is thought that there are familial (partially genetic) and activity-related risk factors. Herniated discs generally occur in the relatively healthy-looking discs of relatively younger patients.


One of the first two symptoms is a generally unilateral pain that starts from the waist to extend below the knees, and sometimes a degree of neurological loss. The pain is generally great and a vital loss-of-function occurs in the patient. In very rare cases, the patient may apply to a specialist for neurological loss without pain.

The neurological loss is also variable: Some patients may not exhibit it. Some patients exhibit only light loss of strength or feeling that is only realized during examination, or a loss that is realized by the patient. At its extreme, although rarely seen, the neurological loss may cause the urinary and excretory functions of the patient to malfunction.

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