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Kyphosis is a dangerous disorder, not only for young children but also for old people. While scoliosis does not usually create a real health issue, kyphosis, although not known as much, may pose lethal hazards on its own.

Kyphosis is the curving forward of the spine . The spine is actually curved forward (kyphotic) at the back region, and depressed (lordotic) at the waist. Kyphosis occurs when the curvature at the back becomes larger than normal (more than 50-60 degrees) or the straightening (becoming less than 15 degrees) or loss of the waist depression.  


The most prevalent type of kyphosis is a disorder called "Scheuermann". Its features and progress is similar to adolescent scoliosis. In some patients, kyphosis due to congenital malformations may be observed. The rare Scheuermann needs to be taken very seriously because it causes very important problems.


Kyphosis is also a very easily identifiable disorder on visual inspection like scoliosis. As kyphosis increases by bending over, the specialist asks the patient to bend over during examination and diagnose the condition easily.

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