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Prof. Dr. Selçuk Palaoğlu

Prof. Selçuk Palaoğlu M.D.

Prof. Dr. Selçuk Palaoğlu was born in Ankara in 1955. He finished primary and high school education in 1972 at TED Ankara College. He graduated from college in Ankara University's School of Medicine and obtained his MD title in 1978. Following his graduation, he completed his education in Hacettepe University School of Medicine's Department of Neurosurgery, and became a Brain and Nerve Surgery Specialist in 1984. Prof. Dr. Palaoğlu continues his scientific career in Hacettepe University School of Medicine, became an associate professor in 1991 and a professor in 1997, Prof. Dr. Palaoğlu has attended the Institute of Neurological Sciences and Psychiatry of the same university and became a Ph. D in Neuroendocrine Surgery in 1993. In addition to his services as a neurosurgeon in Gulhane Military Medical Academy, Cankiri State Hospital and Ankara Numune Hospital, he has also worked in USA Tenesse University Memphis Center for Neurological Sciences as a guest professor. 

Prof.Dr. Selçuk Palaoğlu has been awarded the

•     Turkish Neurosurgery Association Prof. Dr. Mahir Tevruz Award un 1989,
•     Winner of Euroean Neurosurgery Associations Research Award in 1993,
•     Hacettepe University Science Encouragement Award in 1994.

Prof. Dr. Palaoğlu, in addition to his scientific studies, has also worked in administrative positions such as Senate Member in Hacettepe Universtiy, Director of Institute for Neurological Sciences and Psychiatry, Department Head of Clinical Neurological Sciences of the Institute for Neurological Sciences and Psychiatry, Ethics Board Member in Hacettepe University School of Medicine. He has also served as the Chairman of Turkish Neurosurgery Association, ÖE Group Head of Spinal and Peripheral Nerve Surgery, member of the Board of Directors of Turkish Neurosurgery Association, Editor in the Turkish Neurosurgery magazine, a member of European Association of Neurosurgical Societies and the Research Committee of European Association of Neurosurgical Societies.  Dr. Palaoğlu is currently serving as a member of the Honor Board of Turkish Spine Association and the chair of Experience and Evidence meetings, and as a program committee member in the Eurospine magazine. Dr. Palaoğlu is a university professor and private practitioner since 2002. He is working in brain and nerve surgery, especially in spine and spinal cord surgeries. Palaoğlu has many scientific articles and citations.

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