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Spinal Fractures

In partial paralyses, especially when the paralysis is found to be advancing, surgery must absolutely and immediately be administered. Complete or nearly complete healing can be accomplished in these patients.

Spinal fractures may cause very serious consequences due to their effects on nervous structures passing through the spine and the vital veins and organs surrounding it. 70% of spinal fractures are seen in back and waist vertebrae, and 5-10% in neck vertebrae, and the rest in the other areas of the spine.


They are generally caused by high energy traumas (traffic accidents, falling from high places, jumping, etc.). Moreover, there is another special type of spinal fractures due to osteoporosis which causes loss of strength in bones. These fractures can even occur during daily activities, develop due to osteoporosis which is usually seen in advanced ages.


The first and most important symptom is pain. It is thought that a patient presenting with pain in any region of the spine after an accident has spinal fractures until proven otherwise. The exception to this is, in very severe traumas and in cases where the patient is unconscious, the problem is handled as spinal fracture without requiring the patient to describe the pain.

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