You may arrange an appointment form your location and contact your physician, conduct your video interview, control or in necessary circumstances diagnosis and examination procedures with “Online Doctor” of Acıbadem when you have obstacle/concern to come to the hospital.

“Online Doctor” is developed for patients who are in need of medical examination or treatment but cannot/ don’t want to come to the hospital. You may arrange a video call with your physician by making an appointment from your home or work place and receive remote examination, diagnosis and test services.

All medical procedures are conducted under medical opinion and supervision of the physician in accordance with the patient’s status in “Online Doctor”. All reports are included in the patient’s medical records.

In cases that your physician orders lab tests during the online appointment sample collection may be done either at your home (by mobile health teams) or in the hospital, you can prefer either way.

In the case that your physicion writes a prescription you can present your prescription to your pharmacist via Acıbadem Online Application and you can also share your prescription by e-mail, whatsup etc.

An examination in outpatient clinic is organized if your physician decides that physical examination is necessary/urgent during online appointment.

You can apply for “Online Physician Appointment” from our website acibadem.com, our Call Center (444 55 44) or Acıbadem Online application.

You can apply for “Online Doctor” from our website acibadem.com, our Call Center (444 55 44) or Acıbadem Online application.

How to apply for “Online Doctor” ?

You simply have to complete the basic steps using one of the channels mentioned below to receive this service.

The Things You Need To Know

If you have a private insurance which covers this service If this service is covered by your insurance, provision approval is obtained by our party. If you do not have private insurance or if it does not cover this service

Online Doctor Appointment Step by Step


Examination, ultrasound screening, NST test, analysis and follow up services can be performed by Obstetrician at home. All screening and records will be saved in your electronic medical records.


You may have your baby or children examined by our Pediatricians at home settings and benefit from our diagnosis, analysis and vaccination services. All records will be saved in your electronic medical records.


You may be physically examined by our physicians in all specialties at home settings and benefit from our diagnosis, analysis and vaccination in accordance with your health problem.


You may receive interventional services such as analysis, vaccination, IV fluid support at home settings.

* Services which are performed at home settings are provided within provincial borders of Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality and provinces where there is an Acıbadem Hospital.

* Ultrasound Gynecologic Examination service is only provided within provincial borders of İstanbul Metropolitan Municipality.

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Principles of Online Physician Appointment

Dear patient; “Online Physician Appointment” service has been developed to meet your basic health requirements when you cannot leave the house and present to our hospitals under these extraordinary conditions in our country and around the globe. Our physician will listen to your complaints, order examinations if he/she deems necessary according to your complaints or –if he/she decides that a physical examination is necessary- he/she can recommend stopping the “online physician appointment process” and making an appointment for physical examination. Our purpose for this service is to prevent delayed diagnoses and treatments to cause more severe disorders in the subsequent weeks and to provide recommendations regarding complaints of our patients who have chronic diseases and are followed up by our party. This service should never be considered equal to a process that covers physical examination made at hospital settings and your expectations should not be in this direction. Moreover, your identity details, complaints, medical documents –if any- are accepted as your own and will be processed in accordance with Personal Data Protection Law. The video talk is within physician-patient privacy, it will never be recorded, also, recording the video talk by our patients will be deemed breach of physician-patient privacy. You will be called by our Call Center as soon as possible to confirm your application and complete your procedures after your application is approved.