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Acıbadem Sistina Hospital joined the Acıbadem Healthcare Group in October 2011 and the hospital has approximately 921 personnel, including 134 physicians, 15 professors and 304 nurses and other healthcare professionals, to serve patients. Cancer, Breast Health, Spinal Medicine, In-vitro Fertilization and Cardiovascular Surgery Departments are present in Acıbadem Sistina Hospital. Offering diagnostic and therapeutic services in medical departments, the hospital is also accredited by JCI.

Indoor Area of 22, 000 m²

The hospital with 193 beds was founded on an indoor area of 22 thousand square meters, where 7 operating theatres and 40 intensive care units (general, cardiovascular, coronary, neonatal) exist. 

Acıbadem Sistina Hospital is awarded Baby-Friend Hospital certificate by UNICEF due to compliance with standards on breastfeeding in Neonatology Division. Also listed among environment-friendly hospitals, Acıbadem Sistina contributes to a clean and healthy environment by recycling wastes.

Medical Devices

Trilogy and PET-CT scanner are used to diagnose and treat various diseases, especially cancer.

Medical Departments

Nuclear medicine and radiotherapy services are also provided in Acıbadem Sistina Hospital to diagnose and treat cancers. Moreover, patients are served through a multidisciplinary approach in Cancer, Breast Health, Spinal Health, In-Vitro Fertilization and Reproductive Health and Cardiovascular Surgery departments of the hospital.


  • Rooms

    There are 193 beds in our hospital.

  • Parking Lot

    Parking lot service is free-of-charge for guests in Acıbadem Sistina Hospital.

  • ATM

    ATM of Stopanska Banka Bitola is present in Acıbadem Sistina Hospital.

  • Cafeteria

    There is a cafeteria in 7th floor of the hospital for our guests.

  • Hairdresser

    There is no hairdresser salon in the hospital. This service is outsourced upon request of patients.

  • Prayer Room

    There are two prayer rooms, including one in the hospital and one chapel in the garden of the hospital.

Address and Contact

ADDRESS Skupi 5A, Skopje / 1000 Makedonija

PHONE +38923099500


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