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Occlusions, stenoses and dysfunctions of all arteries, veins and lymphatic vessels in all body parts, excluding skull, chest cavity and coronary arteries that are responsible for supplying blood to heart tissues, are diagnosed and treated (medical treatment, surgery and endovascular - balloon angioplasty/stent) by physicians of Acıbadem who are specialized in relevant fields.

Some examples of diseases that are diagnosed and treated by cardiovascular surgeons of Acıbadem Healthcare Group are as follows:

Occlusions and Stenoses Secondary to Atherosclerosis

Medical treatments and exercises, regular walking exercises, interventional treatment (surgery or angiography-guided balloon angioplasty and/or stent implantation), balloon dilatation and stent implantation, bypass surgery and removal of plaque formations (endarterectomy) are employed for treatment of the disease.

Buerger’s Disease (Thromboangitis Obliterans)

This disease can be diagnosed through clinical examination and MR/CT angiography. The treatment involves cessation of smoking, avoidance from hand and foot traumas, (vasodilating) medications, surgery or chemical symptomatic block.

Sudden-Onset Vascular Occlusions (Embolism, Thrombosis)

These disorders can be treated by restoring blood circulation through removal of the clot formation, surgical procedure or aggressively thrombolytic medication treatment. If the underlying cause is documented severe stenosis and these treatment modalities do not yield desired outcomes, surgical options can be considered, such as bypass surgeries.

Diabetic Foot

These patients suffer from infections and problems in wound healing – both secondary to diabetes mellitus. If vascular occlusions secondary to atherosclerosis are associated with diabetes mellitus and sores or gangrene in foot, the condition is peripheral artery disease associated with diabetes mellitus rather than diabetic foot and therefore, treatment should be planned accordingly.

Carotid Artery Diseases (Stenoses or Occlusions of Carotid Artery)

Various methods such as Doppler sonography, MR Angiography, CT Angiography or conventional angiography can be used in clinical examination. The treatment includes medical treatment, surgery and interventional radiology procedures.

Aneurysms (Dilatation and Balloon Formation in Blood Vessels)

Small aneurysms are followed up with ultrasound at 6-month or 1-year intervals. Additional tests or interventions can be required in case of sudden enlargement. Open surgery or closed “endovascular” technique is used for interventions.

Chronic Venous Failure and Varicose Veins

Color Doppler ultrasound is used for diagnosis, while treatment options include radiofrequency, laser, sclerotherapy and surgical techniques, if necessary.

Deep Vein Thrombosis and Pulmonary Embolism

Venous Doppler ultrasound is used to diagnose a condition located in legs, while contrast-enhanced tomography and MRI are scanned for lungs. While interventional modalities are required to get thrombolytic effect immediately in acute cases or in other words, the patients who are recognized within the first 1 month, but medical treatment options are also available such as pressure socks, blood thinner medications etc.

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