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Dr. Selim Ayhan

Dr. Selim Ayhan

Selim Ayhan was born in Ankara in 1979.  He finished primary and high school education in 1996 at Private Yükseliş Schools in Ankara.  He graduated from Hacettepe University School of Medicine in 2002 and been granted the title Medical Doctor.  Following his graduation, he completed his education in the same university's Department of Neurosurgery, and became a Brain and Nerve Surgery Specialist in 2010.  During that period he worked as a research assistant and clinical observer in Johns Hopins University School of Medicine Center for Neurosurgery and Spine for six months in 2007.  He fulfilled his military service duty as a brain and nerve surgeon in Şırnak Military Hospital, and his compulsory service in Malatya State Hospital. 

Following his upper specialization training in Ankara Spine Center, he worked in the same institution for a year.  He has been awarded the "IX. Student Congress of Oncology Best Scientific Research" award in 2001 by the Turkish Cancer Research and Fight Against Cancer Institution's Adana Branch, and "3rd Best Release of 24th Scientific Congress of Turkish Association for Neurosurgery" in 2010 by the Turkish Association for Neurosurgery, and  "Turkish Association for Neurosurgery, Dr. Aysima Altınok Neurosurgery Specialization Thesis" award in 2011.  He is currently working full-time in ARTES Center for Spine and Spinal Cord Surgery and Acıbadem Ankara Hospitalas a brain and nerve surgeon.

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