Lucia O.A, 58y, Kadın, Konsolos
"I would like to share my experience about Botox with you. I definitely recommend it. It is fantastic! It helped me a lot. I used to take painkillers for my headaches every day. Now, only, 3 times a month. Therefore if you suffer from headaches consider Botox treatment."

Esra A., 34, Housewife
I was introduced to the headache specialists at Acıbadem Maslak Hospital at a time when I had been told “There is no treatment for your headaches”. Thanks to Botulinum toxin, the migraines I have suffered for many years have been eliminated almost entirely. My quality of life has increased considerably. I used to be admitted to the ER at least once a week to treat migraine pain. Now, I haven’t visited the ER for pain treatment for 1.5 years. I’m still undergoing treatment. My 3-monthly checkups are now every 6 months as the levels of pain have decreased. Anyone who experiences pain similar to someone stabbing inside their head with a knife should try this. Perhaps there is no treatment that eliminates migraines completely but I can safely say that migraines can certainly be postponed or reduced.

Sabiha Canan D, 44
I have suffered from migraines for years and recently I noticed that the level of pain I was experiencing was far more acute. The medication I usually took was no longer effective. After having Botulinum toxin treatment, I went from experiencing headaches almost every day to virtually none at all. I feel so much better.

Tülay Y., 30
I used to spend 18 days each month in the ER before having Botulinum toxin treatment. I am delighted that I’ve not had to visit the ER at all since undergoing treatment.

Elif O. K., Business Owner
I used to have to constantly postpone the things I needed to do because of my migraines. Botulinum toxin saved my life. I no longer have to take pain killers daily and my quality of life has increased.

Ekin D., 22, Medical Student
I was unable to concentrate on lessons, watch TV or read books due to my headaches. Once I had Botulinum toxin treatment, my grades improved. I couldn’t believe it. I study harder when I don’t have a headache. My quality of sleep has increased as I no longer experience pain at night.

Gülizar Ç., 29, Hairdresser
I used to take Advil daily to manage my headache pain prior to undergoing migraine treatment. Despite the medication, I used to suffer severe headaches once a week which led to vision problems, fatigue and sleeplessness. I was advised to undergo Botulinum toxin migraine treatment by the specialists at the Department of Neurology at Maslak Acıbadem Hospital. I have undergone migraine treatment for almost 2 years and my life is finally back on track. I am able to go about my normal day to day routine and I sleep much better

Bülent A, 42, Director
Botulinum toxin treatment for my migraines had been recommended to me before but as I didn’t fully trust the procedure I didn’t have it done. I used to take epilepsy medication to prevent migraines. Despite this, I still suffered daily. I decided to trust the advice of my doctor at the Department of Neurology at Acıbadem Maslak and underwent Botulinum toxin treatment. My pain disappeared after my first session. Now when I look back at my life, I can say that there was life before Botulinum toxin and life after Botulinum toxin. The Botulinum toxin hasn’t affected my facial expressions at all.

Tiraye D, 47, Director
I’ve been undergoing Migraine Botulinum toxin treatment for almost 2 years at Acıbadem Maslak Hospital. This has resulted in a considerable decrease in my migraines and a corresponding rise in my quality of life.

TA.Yazgan, 48, Housewife
I suffer from migraines and fibromyalgia. I used to take plenty of medication including pills for epilepsy and antidepressants. I used to have injections into my back. Botulinum toxin treatment managed to eliminate migraines which were affecting 90-95% of my life. Although I had plenty of stressful days after my Botulinum toxin treatment, I did not suffer any migraines.